Watch Our Free Webinar on Common Weight Cut Mistakes that Fighters and Grapplers are Making

Coach Ben Z walks you through 3 common mistakes that people make when cutting weight and offers tips on how to safely navigate these challenges.

Lack of Knowledge and Preparation

This is by far the most common mistake is just fighters and athletes, not having the education to understand how to time things, how you know when to do what. When it comes to preparation, a lot of fighters, come to me like a week, two weeks before the fight or the weigh in and say, well, I need to lose 25 pounds.

Short Term vs Long Term Weight Cut Strategies

Weight loss is generally what people want to do when they’re trying to lose body fat.  They’re trying to look better. They’re trying to get slimmer, they’re losing.  In chronic weight loss, we’re generally talking about body fat and muscle.  This is very different from acute weight loss, which is what we focus on when it comes to cutting weight for combat sports.

Doing the Wrong Things at the Wrong Time

Starting to cut too early, dropping water weight,  or restricting your calories can be detrimental to your , if you do them at the wrong time.  Coach Ben walks us through some common mistakes and how to avoid them during your training.   

Weight Cut Webinar

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