FREE 45 Minute Webinar: Key Concepts Related to Strength and Conditioning for MMA Fighters

Brett Bartholomew Breaks Down How a Good Strength and Conditioning Plan Can Benefit a MMA Fighter

Simple Tactics Done Savagely Well
The internet is chalked full of gurus and people dishing out information for fighters, but Brett has competed, trained top athletes and delivers simple information that you can implement into your schedule immediately. 

Strength Tips That Anyone Can Use
It's hard to know what to do in the weight room, but Brett breaks down methods, strategies and exercises that have been proven valuable in the cage.

Simplify Conditioning Methods 
There's nothing worse than gassing out, but Brett will break down simple conditioning tips, how to use them and when to perform them, so you can be confident indoor cardio when it matters most. 

Follow Principles Proven to Work

This 45 minute webinar might be one of the most information packed resources that we have and is invaluable for any coach, athlete or fan looking to take their training to the next level.

S&C Webinar for MMA 

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